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Install, reboot, and presto!!!! Finally have sound on windows 7 loaded with BootCamp is music to my ears!! LOL Let me know if this works for everyone else Looks like i will be buying snow lepoard! Winni macrumors Oct 15, 3, Germany. Have you guys tried selecting the proper output device? This works miracles - not only in Windows, but also in OS X. After fresh installations on my Mac Pro, both Windows and Snow Leopard usually use the wrong audio device, where wrong means they use an audio device that does not have any speakers connected to it and the one that does have the speakers is not used for audio output by the OS.

As far as the Boot Camp drivers are concerned, you can also download them from a Torrent. Since Boot Camp is only a hardware drivers collection with a fancy named installer around it, this is hardly anything illegal. If Apple has a problem with people downloading drivers for their hardware, they should re-think their attitude and not be surprised when their customers switch back to PCs. Aug 23, 15 0 Rhode Island. Does any one know how to get the Cirrus sound card volume to work right? It is very low even with everything up all the way.

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Winni thats interesting. I now have sound via my Headphone Jack but not my built in imac speaker. I can;t seem to figure out how to tell it to send sound to them. Apart from plugging external speakers into the headphone jack i'm still stuck! Nov 2, 5 0 Edmonton AB Canada. Not Even seing the device in Manager Hi, Similar problem. To do this, follow the steps below: 1. On the Playback tab, right click on the blank place and then click "Show Disabled Devices".

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Check if your playback device is disabled. If so, right click on it and click Enable. Expand "Sound, video and game controllers". Right click on your audio device and then click Uninstall. Check "Delete the driver software for this device". Click OK. After that, restart the computer the device and driver shall be reinstalled automatically. This was kinda like what Winni said I think.

Winni, I'm not sure how to set the proper output device. I have a Macmini3,1 but Can't find exactly what is inside. I'm assuming a realtek. I have no unknown devices in device manager anymore needed to run the nvida drivers on the MacOS Cd to resolve a CoProcessor unknown hardware There is no "sound, video game controllers" device node showing up at all.

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Any Advice? Thank you, Ron. Oct 23, 36 0. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I've no idea when the Mac Mini 3 came out.

Either way, clicking on setup. Infrared macrumors Mar 28, 1, Hi, Just to be clear I'm only using the Mac mini hardware.

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Clean install of windows 7 without boot camp and OSx no dual boot. Without knowing what sound Cip this thing is using it is proving to be difficult to get the right drivers. Thanks for your Help. Hi, Here is what I could find.

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I did double check that it wasn't under some usb device. Let me know if there is a different Details Property you would like to see. I just kept it at Hardware Ids. Thanks, Ron. No Sound.

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Well At least that is one less unknown device. Thank you You can see "High Definition Audio Codecs" in the list below but it isn't associated to a sound device. Before we start, make sure to have a working internet connection, and also take backup of all the files on your Windows 10 to either external drive or on the Mac using the inbuilt explorer.

Rule of thumb always has the latest software on your PC.

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So choose accordingly. There are two ways to download the audio drivers. So you need to create that using the Disk utility tool available on the system. In my opinion, this is preferred as a way to make sure to download the latest audio drivers from the website. You can visit the Realtek website, and search for your driver.

Once you find it, download it, and run the setup program. This will take you through a number of steps before install int the driver.

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Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the latest drivers.