Chamber of reflection mac demarco music video

Illustration Mostly. Illustration Partly. Illustration No! Do you think our music video was effective?

Interesting, professional, etc. Mise en scene location, props, costume, etc. Originality Definitely! Originality Mostly. Originality Partly.

Originality No! Narrative storyline Definitely! Narrative storyline Mostly.

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Narrative storyline Partly. Narrative storyline No! Relationship to the lyrics Definitely!

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Relationship to the lyrics Mostly. Relationship to the lyrics Partly.

Watch: “Homer Simpson” stars in Mac DeMarco’s video for “Chamber of Reflection”

Relationship to the lyrics No! Special effects flashbacks Definitely! Special effects flashbacks Mostly. Special effects flashbacks Partly.

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Special effects flashbacks No! Humour - Tongue in cheek chuckle factor Definitely!

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Humour - Tongue in cheek chuckle factor Mostly. Humour - Tongue in cheek chuckle factor Partly. Humour - Tongue in cheek chuckle factor No! Cinematography angles, lighting, composition, etc. Acting Definitely! View 58 replies. View 53 replies.

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Robzel d when the mitochondria really is the powerhouse of the cell. View 15 replies. NinoishGamer I use to be drug free until I heard this song. View 17 replies. View 22 replies. View 5 replies.

Missing lyrics by Mac DeMarco?

Marijn Something This song makes me both depressed and happy. View 4 replies.

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Chloe Annabella Doctor: you have 5 minutes and 57 seconds to live Me:. View 3 replies. MadVibez anyone? THIS is how it feels to be depressed and high :. View 7 replies. Mattuiop mac did simpsonwave before it was a thing. Alex its crazy i felt like when i was little i heard this song its like destiny to hear shit like this in ur life. View 11 replies. Generic Account Titties for days. View 8 replies. This makes me want to do shrooms. Raquel Ross - How high are you?

Josh Josh i kinda like this version more than the normal.. Phillip Hannestad very, very, very underrated song.