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Select 'OK' to allow Verizon Media and our partners to use your data, or 'Manage options' to review our partners and your choices. Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. It would help if in future versions of FF, you make it easy to enable and disable Java — the way we can in Safari. I read the stuff about blocklists and it seems ridiculously complicated — and unreliable, based on all those angry comments. You can enable and disable the plugin in the Add-ons Manager.

Software Update: Java for Mac OS X Update 5, Mac OS X Update 10

If you understand the risks, it should be easy to keep the plugin enabled. Preferences show the plugin disabled but offer no other options? I did but is not working. You should upgrade your Mac OS whenever possible. In the meantime you can just enable the Java plugin whenever you need it, and ideally keep it disabled the rest of the time.

I have a 4 year old Mac desktop os I disabled the java but cannot download the new version no matter how often I try.

Is there a solution, now or later? Thanks in advance for the answer.

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  • I am running This opens a new tab with the Add-ons Manager. Look for the Plugins pane and select it. Locate the Java Plugin entry and click on the Enable button. I went to Add-ons Manager and it does not have a Enable button for Java or Shockwave Flash, it just states that it has been disabled. This is sure way of getting us to not use mozilla Firefox! I have a 30 macbook computer lab at an elementary school. I had no issue until I updated to Firefox Firefox was my preferred browser until I encountered this problem. Upgrading to I am using OSX I cannot view pdf files that I download from a very secured site any longer.


    I am a manager with lia sophia jewelry and when I log in to their server to view reports pdf files , they come up a blank screen. If this is the case. Are there any options other than unblocking and blocking every time I want to log in to the system? I enabled the plug-in and signed on to view the reports thinking it would have allowed it, however, the report opened as a blank screen.

    Can you please direct me as to what I am doing wrong, and what I may try? The problem is the plugin, not Firefox. I use OS I have several core programs that are necessary for my business and they do not work with the newer OS, nor have they released versions that are compatible with anything later than I really wish that more people thought about the implications of these upgrades for people running older systems; back-compatibility ought to be one of the priorities. The result was a full-blown Trojan virus!

    Ways to get help

    Now, each time I go to run a video on Firefox, I get a small amateurish-looking box, right in the middle of the video screen, asking for permission to use some space on my computer. Apple, Adobe, and Mozilla have known about these viruses for years but done little or nothing. Why do you allow this to contunue? We expect more. I have an OS X Mac Thank you for at least making this a soft block, but purchasing new software should not be your solution here. One of my software stopped working after I updated my Java Plugin in Firefox to I am having a MAC system.

    I want to go back to older version of Java plugin There is no button to activate the plugin.