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WindowSwitcher transforms the chaos of a messy desktop into neatly arranged windows, where one can easily see all the information in an organized display. WindowSwitcher functions and features include: Fast Switching.

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Also, with WindowSwitcher, you get full control over any opened window — you can close, minimize, maximize, restore any window. WindowSwitcher also lets one use gestures to move and resize windows. Another example, Swipe down — minimizes the window, up — de-minimizes or minimizes the window to full screen. WindowSwitcher has several options layouts for displaying a list of open windows. You can use the one that you like more or suits your work style. For the convenience of your work, implemented the ability to set hotkeys to display All Windows, Windows are only on the screen or Windows of the active application.

Then you can write you own code to do stuff. Hammerspoon looks extremely similar, execpt maybe it comes with pre-packaged modules? I dunno this stuff is over my head. Hammerspoon is a desktop automation tool for OS X. It bridges various system level APIs into a Lua scripting engine, allowing you to have powerful effects on your system by writing Lua scripts. You can also easily use languages which compile to JavaScript such as CoffeeScript. Phoenix aims for efficiency and a very small footprint.

If you like the idea of scripting your own window or app management toolkit with JavaScript, Phoenix is probably going to give you the things you want. With Phoenix you can bind keyboard shortcuts and system events, and use these to interact with OS X. Slate , "A window management application" looks like it it was trying to be a native app competitor:. Slate is a window management application similar to Divvy and SizeUp except better and free!

Originally written to replace them due to some limitations in how each work, it attempts to overcome them by simply being extremely configurable. It looks like it both still has fans but hasn't been touched in a while and requires some dedicated nerdery. ShiftIt looks like it's in the same boat. Updated slightly more recently, but you still need to kinda know what you're doing. Even downloading the build warns you about it being created from an untrusted source so you have to do the dance to get around that.

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For all the suggestions. Let us know what you use and how in the comments. Personally, I've been on SizeUp for a long time. But I'm kinda thinking of trying a switch to Moom. In addition to Window Snapping, BetterTouchTool allows for arbitrary number of keyboard shortcuts, mouse and touchpad gestures to be bound to anything from OSX functions to custom scripts.

Apps We're Trying: Alternative Window Managers for macOS – The Sweet Setup

It even supports Siri commands! I us spectacle. Maybe there are some more powerful tools, Divvy does everything that I need. Takes only 5mb and never broke. I was surprised not finding a Tiling WM on that list.

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For small keyboards, managing everything without a mouse is helpful in being productive. Kinda cool that hyperdock has functionality of snapping, never used it, now i will use it every day :. Spectacle is great.

In addition Spectacle is the only open source github of all the softwares listed. I just started using Hammerspoon. I wish there was more of a community, more examples of people doing cool stuff with it. It felt like more work to try to improve my productivity than it was worth. It works even with El Capitan. For me, this app is missing in this overview! In-depth front-end engineering courses. Spectacle Spectacle free, donation requested is pretty similar to SizeUp.

If customizing is your thing, this is probably for you: Better Touch Tool can do window snapping as well. One of it's unique features is that it shows a menu as you hover over the maximize button on a window: Those actions can be fired on the active window from customizable keyboard commands as well, or from the menu bar menu if you choose to run that app that way.

BetterTouchTool ($6.50): Window Snapping and So Much More

And it has other unique features, like "raising windows" to the top as you mouse over them. Presumably this from the docs nudges windows 10px to the right? Slate , "A window management application" looks like it it was trying to be a native app competitor: Slate is a window management application similar to Divvy and SizeUp except better and free! Chris Coyier. Permalink to comment January 25, Patrick Kontschak. Pawel Grzybek.

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This is what I call solid article Chris. You did amazing job putting all these goodies together. Doing a quick search, KWM turns up most often filtered by hits not older than one year. Valentin Born.

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Adam Hollister. Permalink to comment January 26, Riccardo Bartoli. Utkarsh Upadhyay. Timothy Miller.

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