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Serial Number: How to find your serial number in software You can find your Mac's serial number in Apple System Profiler: If you can't boot your Mac If your Mac is not working, the serial number is printed on the computer casing but the location varies.

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Unibody MacBook Pro - Laser etched onto the base. Remove battery to locate.

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To lift keyboard, pull back on the release tabs between the F-keys. Mac mini - On the underside of the Mac mini.

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Mac Pro - On rear of machine near graphics card ports. PowerMac G5 - On lower chassis under side panel.

To remove side panel, lift lever on rear of Mac. Compatibility This product is compatible with the following Macs: All offers Exclude Errors and Omissions.

Company number Website powered by osCommerce. A low quality battery may not hold a charge for as long as a quality one, but it also may leak or even cause a fire. All of these notebooks also require the same small Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that connect the bottom plate of the notebook and the same Tri-Lobe screwdriver to disconnect the battery from the computer itself.

Site sponsor Other World Computing sells a quality replacement battery kit complete with the exact screwdrivers needed. The company also provides instructional videos below. Unlike the Inch models , all Inch "Unibody" MacBook Pro models use the same battery and the same screwdrivers, so precise identification almost isn't necessary. However, for those who appreciate precision, the Inch "Unibody" MacBook Pro models can be identified by the Model Identifier "closely enough" to an exact match for the purpose of replacing the battery.

Mac Pro 2007 Pram Battery type, number, location and how to replace

As always, EveryMac. More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac. Battery Replacement Instructions. Although the battery replacement procedure effectively is identical for each line, it still is helpful to review precise instructions for your specific notebook.

In particular, although the external screws on each model all use the same size Phillips head, not all of the screws are the same length. When removing the screws, make careful note of exactly where each one goes and screw it back into the exact same location as it was originally. If you follow this one bit of advice, you are unlikely to encounter any difficulties. In addition to offering a compatible battery upgrade kit , site sponsor Other World Computing offers precise instructional videos for each line, as well:.

Received replacement logic board, do I need PRAM battery?

After watching the video for your specific 13" MacBook Pro model, it should be clear that replacing the battery is not a complicated task. Cube PowerMac G4: Early Grey PowerMac G4: Quicksilver PowerMac G5: Early PowerMac G5: Late PowerMac G5: Mid PowerMac G5: Original Retina 12": Retina 12", Early Retina 12": Retina 12", Early Vintage: Xserve Intel Early Xserve: Xserve Intel Late In stock. Sort products Product Name Price, ascending Price, descending. Newertech Macbook Air 13" Battery, 37Wh Grade-1 A.

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Grade-2 A. Recycled PowerBook G4 Aluminium 12" battery: Grade-3C A, A, A Grade-3A A, A, A Grade-2A A, A, A Grade-2C A, A, A Grade-1A A, A, A PowerBook G4 Aluminium 15" Apple battery: Grade-3B , A, A, A Grade-2A , A, A, A Grade-1A , A, A, A Grade-1B , A, A, A Grade-2B , A, A, A Grade-3A A New , A, A, A Recycled , A , A. Recycled , , PowerBook G4 Aluminium 17" battery: Grade-1B Grade-2B Grade-2A