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Can anyone suggest a low-cost paid or free VOIP service which will allow me to own a dedicated phone number plus a voice mailbox with personal voice greeting? I am a US citizen but I spend a lot of time overseas for my job, and I want to maintain a US number preferably using my own Oregon area code. The new Skype is less user-friendly than the old Skype, plus we lost our personal greeting in our voice mailbox. Grateful for any recommendations. Since Skype moved to Microsoft they are just trying to found ways how to get more money from the user. It is about time for changing to other thing.

The old Skype was bad, but functional.

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The new Skype is horrible Conferencing is unpredictable and you usually need to turn cameras off. I tried to hold a conference call today of course I could not add in a cell phone or landline like I used to be able to.

I really LOVE the functionality of appear. Makes meetings run super smoothly. If only I can figure out how to add in landlines and cell phones to an appear. The band width need is too much and as a result really poor quality connections plus it breaks up like your in a bad reception area.

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The adverts are just way over the top and all the adverts will be using up huge band width so I really want something that services me and is not a advertising revenue generating platform!! I have been a fan of Skype since it first came out. Then MS took over and its been downhill ever since. Every upgrade, basically a downgrade, thanks to the genii at MS. They have no idea what they're doing.

Too busy trying to figure out how to milk users of money. What frustrated me about Skype is the brand new Microsoft Skype!! The old Skype was superb. The new on is No means of entering new contacts without some extrordinairy procedure. I have had it with Skype. To be able to call someone on my list who has more than one number involved too many clicks the number does not show when you call.

And I could not even edit. Horrible user interface. I have my passwords written down so I know what they are! Skype new version Chances are that you will have 'called' your required contact a least a dozen times, no response is it ringing?? Their previous version was user friendly, easy to use. Skype's prior white background and understandable tabs and dropdown menus was replaced with a black background and the need for telepathic abilities beyond a techi's imagination. First insult. They must not be familiar with S. Second insult. All of a sudden, as a result of the latest change, Skype asked me to verify my age and blocked my account until I provided a credit card for proof.

I thought I was being hacked as Skype already had my credit card on file for auto refill. Too much time spent with customer support with no results.

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I'm OUT! I still have to use Skype because they are the only ones that let me purchase a US phone number so people can call me on a land line to a local number but I still get the call by internet to Peru. Looking for something better because now people calling me are only getting Voice message or being disconnected.

The latest update of Skype was the last drop for me. Messed up user status, hidden or outright deleted controls, no possibility to minimize the app window to show only contacts and much more.

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Similar to recent changes in MS Office, redesign is unnecessary, self-serving, confusing to long-time users, and the technical quality of underlying functionality is not improved. MS has done their producs in, so I'm done with MS. Since Microsoft go involved, Skype has gone down the pipes. I deleted Skype from all my devices.

I like several of the alternative solutions presented in this article. Skype is a thing of the past now for me. Spot on, exactly what I have seen. Skype was originally a superb useful program, and since Microsoft took over they made it more and more useless and buggy for many many reasons. As others say if it aint broke don't fix it. Well Microsoft ignored that one in delux style.

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They have ruined pretty much every single feature over time. Myself and friends have used it pretty much everyday for around years and it's gone from weakness to weakness Great comms program , this is pretty fundamental. Even Windows could configure and use the microphone fine.

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Again finding a mic that the OS uses is pretty fundamental. MY friend has this now he can make one or two calls then Skype says can't find the mic - it takes a reboot to get it back quite annoying if you call more than once or twice a day. They offer "classic" skype you need to go to the download page and use a different browser then Edge to see the alternatives - there's a few ; to get around this new version that many people strongly dislike.

Skype download mac os x 10.3.9

Basically the original skype was honed to a good product, then Microsoft have come along and systematically ruined all the good points. MS seems to have no clue, why try to improve something that was pretty much perfect for the use it was designed for originally. Same as Windows 10 the Creators update that brought back many old bugs for me and friends. In fact Windows 10 shows you exactly how they think and work these days, all the good useful settings and options are hidden, you get a pretty and useless bland interface until you click on "advanced" or something only then do you get sent to the old Windows settings all hidden underneath.

They can't use the new interface, they have to access the old one. Windows 7 was a great OS, even finally used 3D GPU effects , then with Windows 8 they blew all that away and gave us bland two colour dialogues? Then tried to fix it with Windows 10 which is partly a front end over Windows 7 underlying features and controls. I am sure there are dozens of other new reasons why Skype is now more useless then it ever was, but I have already wasted hours fixing it, trying new versions.

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Time for something new. Long time Skype user. But recently on my iPhone there appeared an intrusive and very annoying thing called Cortana. It can't be removed from the Skype app, so I deleted the app from my iPhone. We have used Skype for many years and found it a great service provider for skype to skype users and also to normal land line numbers, sorry to say something has gone wrong and overcompicated what was a very easy system. I agree totally with Gareth. Skype has been my phone app for many years, but MS has really messed it up. Now it is hardly even usable.